Thursday, April 10, 2008

A love so beautiful

I don't know what to write -
I have nothing to say.
But I know I do feel something.
It is this - life without you is not alright.
For how could it be?
When every breath that you take
Is life to my lonely soul.
Aristotle says, all in life is about being happy,
Well, I say, it is all about being with you.
No love story is perfect
Because no man is more than who he is.
But the real plot that God hath created
Is that there is love, and only love
Because heaven is never enough.
It is not glory that I seek,
It is you that I need...
My tears, my pains, my loneliness
And all the emptiness of being,
They remind me that I am not.
Yes, I am not complete.
I see the trees, the skies, the vast oceans
And yet I see nothing.
There are melodies and moments
And yet they mean nothing.
The road we must take, they say -
Is the road less travelled.
For it leads to the promise
Of freedom, of being, of truth.
But I say no,
The road that I must take,
Is the road that brings me back to you.
Yes, there will be broken bridges,
Fire on a hill, empty lakes,
But there's no moment greater,
Than holding hands with you
Into the forest, under the rain,
Beneath the starry skies.
I am no one.
I don't seek to be somebody.
I just want to be with you.