Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I dream of us

I dream of us though my heart feels the pain of nothingness,
Like a line in an ode I can paint in my soul the sadness of this face,
These verses, scattered in the skies, they tell
me you're not near,So I sit still and alone as my little world trembles in despair.

I dream of us though the stars whisper that for now you can't be with me,
I grieve in this dark garden like a wild beast waiting for my end,
Life is an unfinished requiem for
God has abandoned me in misery,
It seems love makes every man a victim of the promise of immortality.

I dream of us though the night tells me you are so far away,
Yes, your smile makes me want to be stranded in
the midst of eternity,
Though I know these lines are unread but in the wilderness they'll be,
As long as infinity permits I'll be dreaming of us every single day.