Thursday, April 10, 2008

A love so beautiful

I don't know what to write -
I have nothing to say.
But I know I do feel something.
It is this - life without you is not alright.
For how could it be?
When every breath that you take
Is life to my lonely soul.
Aristotle says, all in life is about being happy,
Well, I say, it is all about being with you.
No love story is perfect
Because no man is more than who he is.
But the real plot that God hath created
Is that there is love, and only love
Because heaven is never enough.
It is not glory that I seek,
It is you that I need...
My tears, my pains, my loneliness
And all the emptiness of being,
They remind me that I am not.
Yes, I am not complete.
I see the trees, the skies, the vast oceans
And yet I see nothing.
There are melodies and moments
And yet they mean nothing.
The road we must take, they say -
Is the road less travelled.
For it leads to the promise
Of freedom, of being, of truth.
But I say no,
The road that I must take,
Is the road that brings me back to you.
Yes, there will be broken bridges,
Fire on a hill, empty lakes,
But there's no moment greater,
Than holding hands with you
Into the forest, under the rain,
Beneath the starry skies.
I am no one.
I don't seek to be somebody.
I just want to be with you.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The petals of eternity

She thinks that I could never, never ever, write her a lovely poem.
As if my pen has dried from the fountain of oblivion;
But in this one, this one and only, I know she might listen,
For this happened quiet sometime in an April's blue moon!
Oh! The whole world rebelled against my shattered soul,
But in that one cold night she alone was with me.
I was downtrodden, heaven and hell, the angels and devils summon,
In all that was left of me I painfully ignored, but she was with me!
There she was under the moonlight crying, filling my heart with her,
The world's soon to end, for life and love seemed impossible,
I thought the wars of men and religions, are to write our destiny;
But I held her hand, felt heaven, her sweet brown eyes were upon me.
Ah, that was how we wrote the petals of eternity in our love story,
She's all that I think of, right here, how I wished she was with me!

Your deep brown eyes

No, it is not for man to adore such a beauty,
the earth, the universe, and all its spaces,
the miracles of God and all the blood spilled,
the passion for the just, they are no worthy mirror,
no more than a broken armor, to the beauty of thy face!
Is it even possible to name such a maiden?
When the ecstasy of moonlight in a flamboyant starry night,
and the warmth of benevolent winter mornings
bow in grand humility, for that little smile of yours
that Venus in merciless disposition, has previously worn!
The wars of fallen men, the walls of mighty kings,
the might of great oceans, in death, in eternity, in love,
and in the grandeur of Mozart's everlasting sonata,
in the glory of your deep brown eyes, are silently born.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Each fallen leaf

Each day the morning consumes my heart in tears,
and this picture of you is a trace of those forlorn years.
As the waves creep into the infamy of twilight time,
the melancholy of autumn tells me the sadness of this rhyme.

The day seems endless my love, the hours tease forever,
the coldness of the night says to me that you are not here.

By the window, the sadness of each fallen leaf taunts me,
yes I have nothing, but I have this dream of seeing you again.
To thy beauty, the sword of Achilles has knelt but this I pray,
Be with me, I'll be by your side 'til God taketh this life away.

In your honeyed lips

I am in heaven, I am with you;
My day is all lost without you.
Your brown eyes reveal eternity;
Like a charm dressed up in serendipity.
Your tepid touch consumes my soul;
Life means to hold you forevermore.
They say, God's home is a mystery;
I say, eternity is but a beautiful love story.
Yes, in my solitude, I bleed;
For without you, I die everyday.
Dearest, heaven is not here;
In your honeyed lips, my heaven dwells.

I dream of us

I dream of us though my heart feels the pain of nothingness,
Like a line in an ode I can paint in my soul the sadness of this face,
These verses, scattered in the skies, they tell
me you're not near,So I sit still and alone as my little world trembles in despair.

I dream of us though the stars whisper that for now you can't be with me,
I grieve in this dark garden like a wild beast waiting for my end,
Life is an unfinished requiem for
God has abandoned me in misery,
It seems love makes every man a victim of the promise of immortality.

I dream of us though the night tells me you are so far away,
Yes, your smile makes me want to be stranded in
the midst of eternity,
Though I know these lines are unread but in the wilderness they'll be,
As long as infinity permits I'll be dreaming of us every single day.